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( Mar. 17th, 2009 06:40 am)

My shattered illusions, these twisted shards

Shattered mirrors and broken cords

Mute testimony – Fates’ fallen cards,

A Hall once filled with open doors.


The tangled web of a twisted life,

Of which it seems I’m heir

My thudding heart – the coming strife

Sweet sunlight in his golden hair


But what of when, my life was sweet?

Cloaked in foul naivety -

My Mirrors hung like falling sleet

I wore no mask and all was free


So filled with Light -

The Three of Cups,

We danced through golden nights

But soon we fell upon the floor, in loneliness were thrust


The Stranger came of noble birth

A Knight both tall and fair of eye

Flames so strong they shook the Earth

My heart so filled, could not deny


And so it came, the lilting song

My mirrors smashed upon the ground

His starless night so very long

The tower crumbled; not a sound


In its ruins, here I stand

My heart a burnt and withered husk

Moonlight cold on broken hands

Winter stands in autumn’s dusk


To another, the rose devoted

Although denied, the damage done

The arrow fell from Cupid’s bow:

Irony bitter, with thornéd tongue


But Life goes on, her bitter joke

Time heals all and sun does shine

So here I stand in the jester’s cloak

Singing songs that were never mine



Then Summers fair and dusty face

Her breath ignites, my soul does thaw

She hands to me Fates’ fallen Ace

A garden fair with open doors


A winding path oft swathed in ice

And paved with daggers mighty sharp

A blessing hidden in disguise

Brings forth the sound of love’s fair harp


Though long ago a love was lost

Today I stand and make a choice

In the Prince’s arms I place my lot

No longer plagued by another’s voice


Although my eyes, now see through jade

The azure tinge was never lost

I think of things that love has made

And smiling now, accept the cost


For life is sweet and love is fair

A tapestry woven of finest cloth

And though oftimes we feel despair

Loves mighty wind holds us aloft


So now I stand with sunlit heart

The Knight a memory turned to dust

I’ve laughed and cried and played the part

Now travel onwards into dusk


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