Okay, So, Guess what Guys?

Dijdymsz is feeling like 122.37% better than he has in like... 2 months!

The Reason?
I've finally gotten over all my stupid insecurities, specifically regarding the triplets/the quartet! ^__^

Basically, last night I saw Sami and Harry and Hollie - we hung out at the McCracken house XD. We were originally going to hang out at Sami's and it weas just going to be me, starfish, and the Beatific one... but Suzanne got a bit thingy about always having to pay for peoples dinners - which, actually, fair enough - and also Sami and I wanted to see the Hollie, who was supposedly finishing work at 6 o'clock... So anyway I went and picked up Sami (Suzanne mock kicked me out because I got a good copy of Twilight before her, from Chevvy at work - who is thus now my Hero and even more awesome than before ^_^) and we got to the McCracken's basically just after Harry got home, AND FOUND HOLLIE IN BED!!!! Poor Love -_- she's all sad about the whole boyfriend thing, and also a lot of other stuff :(

Anyway, Holz and Sami hung out and talked for a little bit in her room and Harry and I sat and talked for a bit in his room, and it started to hit me - how could I have thought the things I thought? How could I have thought they didn't like me?! Beatific one in particular?! We flow so well, and so what if we're sometimes a bit stilted on msn? That doesn't matter anywhere near as much as a real life repetoir!

Anyway, we went and got dinner and then we were sitting there watching Twilight and talking and occaisonally wrestled until like 9:30, and I was laying there thinking "Oh My God, these people love me!", They actually smile when they see me! I make them smile! It made me feel so awesome! Then we sat around and talked, and partook in an awesome mock battle XD until 10ish when I thought I'd better leave

But enough about Yesterday! ^__^

I cleaned and rearranged my room on Monday, and have actually been keeping it clean - spending the extra couple of minutes (if that) to make my bed and put things away - and I feel so much better for it! A clean mind and a clean, organised room ^_^ *beatific smile*

And Todaaaay, well its only 10:10 in the AM and I'm sitting in the Queer Room =)
My playlist for the train was the entire Ladyhawke album XD

Thats all for now folks

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