I just read this:

"Haha this iz how old i am.... censored i started @ the woolies censored, waz the only1 bak then. i waz doin ye3ar 11 & the extra $ waz grae3t, also meetin chix waz graet. i got into a fite with a managers son (over a girl) out front of hiz house one fridi nite, that waznt so great"

After I had finished, I think a part of my soul had died. You know, that part that likes grammar, and correct spelling, and wants to have a litter of puppies with sirius, and believes in commas.

That part of me shall never be able to talk to the person that wrote this again.

Oh the troubles that bad grammar and spelling bring!

Thats okay, at least I dont have the SARS/PIG FLU/BIRD FLU/MOOSE FLU/HORSE FLU + CUCUMBER AND A DIRTY MARTINI, but then I'm not really into having the Must Have Diseas of 2009 now am I sweeties? No, not at all.

From: [identity profile] cherie-morte.livejournal.com

WHAT!?!? You don't want Swine Flu?! I am doing my best to catch it (and so far have only succeeded in getting a common cold--not nearly as fun).

From: [identity profile] monsieur-djinn.livejournal.com

I think that if I *had* to catch something, I would have to go for the glamorous SARS/PIG FLU/BIRD FLU/MOOSE FLU/HORSE FLU + CUCUMBER AND A DIRTY MARTINI, or even better, something really exotic like... LLAMA FLU! YES! LLAMA FLU! Or even better, Zombie Flu! That would be awesome!

Do you want to catch Zombie Llama Flu with me? It would be awesome, we could INFECT THE WORLD!!!!

From: [identity profile] cherie-morte.livejournal.com

Do I want to catch Llama Flu and spread the zombie apocalypse? What kind of a question is that?

OF COURSE I want to spread the zombie llama apocalypse with you.

From: [identity profile] monsieur-djinn.livejournal.com



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