Okay, so number one: Merlin = Fucking Brilliant! It had Eve Myles in it - the crossover, OH THE CROSSOVER - and in general it was just fucking, fecking fantastic.

Number two: Niamh just got given parental talk on 'urges' #ultimate embaressing. She is hyperventilating as we speak.
Brought to mind this:

For a few moments he just sits on the toilet, trying not to weep like a child.
Then, from behind the shower curtain, someone whispers, "Prongs?"
"Is your dad out there?"
"I'm never going to have sex," James says. "Life no longer has any meaning. Neither do breasts. I'm becoming a
nun. Do you want to help me research nunneries?"
"I am going to become a castrato," Sirius replies in a dead voice, "and sing at the opera. Why, Prongs? Why, why,
"It's your fault," James hisses, "you and your French poodle."
"I am full of misery," Sirius says. "The end is nigh."
"I blame you," James insists, without any vigor to the accusation. "You and your uncontrolled urges."
Sirius' head thunks as it hits the tiled wall. "My pamphlets are illustrated."
"My mum is a madwoman."
"Your dad tried to tell me about the facts of life."
"My mum used the phrase sexual intercourse."
"He said the word certainly at least ten times in one sentence."
"She spoke about her and my dad and -- you know."
"Oh God." Sirius peeks out from behind the curtain. "You win."

I told her that the situation reminded me of this, for some reason she was not at all amused.

Number three: I have finished all but two of my assignments for the rest of the semester. I am very proud of myself, and as such may even hold a small festival honouring myself because I am such a berk.

You are all of course welcome to attend.



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