I would have you know, that I am not one to play at Lilith and the Apple, but here I stand my dear Wagner, and I cannot deny the glimmer of starlight on those distant, heady shores.

To do or not to do, this is the question on my lips as we speak. The course is unclear and the alternatives both, are jaded in their uncanny resemblance of implicit danger.

The question stands thus: Should I  spend my stimulus money: a) on a nice new pair of glasses or b) on paying mum and dad back some more moneys?

I am torn to be sure.

That is all.

From: [identity profile] cherie-morte.livejournal.com

Give it to mommy and daddy!

Unless the glasses are REALLY fab...you know, you may never get another chance to buy them. :)

From: [identity profile] 8cake.livejournal.com

pay your parents back.
Do you really need new sunnies? I have never seen you wear sunnies - although I only ever see you indoors.

From: [identity profile] monsieur-djinn.livejournal.com

Oh ho, by glasses I actually mean like... glasses that I wear 24/7 unless i'm sleeping... the perscription is going and they're starting to get worn at the bridge... i am thinking i shall pay mum and dad $700 and see how much some new glasses would be and maybe get some new ones in a month or two.

From: [identity profile] 8cake.livejournal.com

Whoops, sorry, not sure how I jumped to that assumption.
That sounds like a sensible idea :)


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