I'm watching Bones as in the TV show, episode 114, i.e. Season 1, Episode 14, and Jayne Cobb (aka Adam Baldwin) from Firefly is on it, as a former undercover agent in a Mob Family organisation.

The crossover fic possibilities are endless! It makes me laugh so hard. Almost as good as a Sylar/Hermione Granger one that [ profile] finding_jay (I think...) showed me like last year...

Anyway... that's all

I have come to the conclusion that I am possibly a grumpy driver...
First off, the idiotic City Council have decided that they'll re-seal 3 sections of the main road on the Island... that's fine I suppose, apart from the fact that they're resealing sections that actually dont need resealing, in favour of sections that actually do. So, I take a back route, and an old codger gets in front of me and does 30 km/h!!!! So... I zoom around him, well... by zoom I mean I went up 50, which you know... is the actual speed limit in built up areas... Anyway... I eventually come out at the suburb across from mine... forgetting that they're having road works there too... so i had to go through them and I got annoyed. And like the thing is... it wouldnt be so annoying if they did it late at night like they usually do, but they were doing it at like 8:30... in peak people coming home from dropping kids off at school time... the poor council workers, they were actually having to do some work... some of them may die from shock.

Anyway... Rant over.

In happier news, my parents get their new car tonight, which is like... Yay! And and and means that I officially get the old car... aka my new car :D
Dylan has a car! Waffle is very happy! 

But yes... I'm watching Bones and it makes me lol so hard.

Bones: *smashes murderers face into metal table after he reaches out to touch her*
Booth: *looks at her, bemused*
Bones: What? You going to arrest me now?
Booth: From what I could see; clearly self defense.
Bones: Yes. Maybe I shouldn't carry a gun after all...

Anyways over and out


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