5 out of 5 agree... my bedroom grants people straaaaaange dreams!

Whether it be little french girls throwing rice at you because your best friend is making out with Chad Michael Murray a la Gilmore Girls, or being taught how to fly at a woolworths in New Zealand with [livejournal.com profile] misshollie91, or maybe its being a slave in the shape of Donna Noble/Catherine Tate being forced to clean library shelves under the careful watch of Catvampires and a group of naked men, or driving down a road in a car that dissapears Cheshire Cat style at the sight of potholes, or maybe its travelling down into the dungeon shoe factory tower type place in a glittering mall to swim in the milk river because it makes the sex better... we all had weird dreams...

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( Oct. 12th, 2008 12:14 pm)

I had the weirdest dreams last night... dreams about events and people that I thought I'd left behind me a long time ago. It was kind of weird.
It was almost like an alternate history of my life, and it was an alternate future as well... kind of disturbing and a tad weird.
I mean I'm happy with my friends now and the way my life has turned out, but these dreams made me remember the friends I had in the past and the rise and fall of the Ossiderie. It made me think of the stories my grandmother told me when I was a lad... of Fand and Cúchulainn and Manannán and Niamh and Oisín and Dylan Ail Don (Who I'm named after). It was all very weird...
Then there was the vivid dreams about a single person who I'll never see again... and they were interesting to say the least.
But Oh well... I have to go get ready for work.

Okay, last night I officially had a dream weirder than the one I had about Chloe and I trying to get home via the huge forest in the middle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with our fish that needed a fish tank but were fine with a couple of mils of water for the time being.

I don't remember the specifics... but I do remember that it started off Firefly style, with me and some people in a space battle somewhere, before we were betrayed... then someone called Marckus, along with a girl called Ximena and myself were transported to a medieval sort of planet. Then, because they thought I had betrayed us, they then abandonned me by strapping on dragon wings and igniting them (Weird I know) and flying off into the city which was on either side of a big river. I was found by Prince Chrstian in the middle of a bridge filled with scorch marks and taken to the palace to become a new servant or something. It gets fuzzy for a while but then I remember becoming friends with said Prince after I helped him gather the nobles together in an ampitheatre in the middle of the capital city of the Island Kingdom, because his father the King wanted to declare war on the Koala Tribes. After this, there was a battle scene and then I woke up on the space ship, except with Christian and his sister and her friend with me. With Marckus and Ximena a few metres away.

Then more stuff happened which gets fuzzier and I woke up.

I have nooooo idea where it all came from. The Prince was pretty hot though, so I'd tap that. Lol



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