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( Oct. 12th, 2008 08:44 pm)
Hehe, I'm watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
I can't look at Luna Lovegood, without fondly thinking of [ profile] finding_jay and her Radish earrings.
I just lol'd at the bit where Hermione introduces Luna as "Looney- ... Luna Lovegood"...
Oh Luna, how we love you and your propensity towards protecting yourself against Nargles!

I was thinking the other day too, I wonder if my family would be Pure-blooded if we existed in the Harry Potter universe? My dad's family is big and kind of eccentric, so I think they would probably be like an old Pure-Blood family, although maybe Blood-Traitors. There's also a long-running joke in my dad's family about all the Modryb's sitting around cackling like a coven of Witches... so that might help with my weird assertion. As for my mum's family... well its sort of close-knit and respectable, so I think they could hypothetically be Pure-blooded too... although I'd like to think that they wouldn't be Supremist.

Another thing I was vaguely wondering is what Hogwarts House would I be in... I've been told that I fit Gryffindor and Raveclaw characteristics, but I'm not sure which I'd rather be in. Any Ideas? Which one would better equip me for the task of finding my shoes in the morning do you think? :P

On that note I'd best be off, I have to go find my second hi-top Converse shoe... Its gone missing, I suspect Nargles are behind it.



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