There, is a FOOTPRINT on my ceiling... I saw it this morning as I was laying in bed... like I'm pretty sure its from like last year when we set up the bunk beds in mah room... but still it was the most entertaining thing. I think Nargles might be ultimately behin it.

Dyrran and Jed

In other news we get our puppy this sunday, and dad and i went shopping for stuff for him =D *is excited*
His name is to be Jed.
And he shall be mine.


Gather 'round children, for I have much knowledge' to impart.

It has come to my most august attention that I have reached what I like to call the 'Fuuuuck-ing Hellll I need a haircut' stage of my hair's haircut cycle.

How do I know this?
At work today, no less than ten old ladies told me how beautiful my lovely curly hair is, with about four of them going on to speak of perming and even one old bat asking me the secret of keeping it so curly.

Actually... that was a pretty entertaining conversation:

Old Bat: Oh I just looove your curly hair! 
*checkout beep*
Me: Errr... thanks?
*checkout beep*
Old Bat: How do you keep it so thick and curly?
*checkout beep*
*checkout beep*
Me: Ummm... genetics... and not enought time to comb it?

Hmmmm... what else... what else?
Oh yes, Mum nearly had a panic attack when I went BY MYSELF to pick Dad up from work today... she actually made me promise to call her once I got there.

But yes Meegasm and her beau are over tonight so I shall bid you adieu.

Thus... ADIEU.


I got my P's, I officially have my licence now.

I seriously thought I failed the Hazard Perception Test, but apparently not.


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( Jul. 21st, 2008 02:51 pm)

Okay, so I was telling  jay about the the electricians/plumbers coming to my house to fix and install some stuff a few weeks ago, which resulted in my fan being moved.

Thus I give you; Massive Hole In Roof - An Installation Nightmare
Brought to you by Ďijdýmz Kinglord of teh Møöslings   

Isnt it beautiful?
Lol not



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