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( Sep. 7th, 2008 09:18 pm)
I do believe I can officially state that I am piddled (as my dear friend Ariane is so fond of saying), and I must say that I quite enjoy it.

As such I shall be going now, but first here's something Lukas and I wrote because we think we either heard it somewhere, or think that we think that we heard it somewhere... or maybe think that we think that we think that we heard it somewhere..............
If someone can tells us that we have indeed blatently plaguerised at least the first line, please kindly tell us yeah? :P

Hear now the Voice of the Witches,
The ones that you hid in the Night.
The Children of Eden doth die here,
As begets those who blinded the Sight.

Heee Heeee

P.S. Julien Baumgartner is THE SEX
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 07:11 pm)
I see with the eyes of a child,
Because modernity bores me to tears,
This means I can get lost in a dream world,
But at least I know how to feel.

- Hehe poem writing with Lukas and Janus is fuuuun
especially when it is done for ulterior reasons (i.e. to win a bet with Amy, who now has to go buy us alcohols! Heeeee!)

In other news, I am currently vexed with four people
Which annoys me, because I've been trying hard to be less of a grumpy old woman.
But Oh well.

*Irritated Hurr*



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