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( Dec. 28th, 2008 05:13 pm)
I'm well tired innit.
It was dad's 50th last night, and we had a bit of a shindig for the old lad. But fuck me straight, I went to work feeling like absolute shit on toast this morning, I can't lie. But that's alright... the delicious monies helped me endure my silly 7 hour shift.. woo 17 hours in two days... that's the shit... money wise anyhoo.

But ja, the offshoot of this all is that I'm well tired... and as such I'ma go have a nap.

Lolzore... I'm seriously like a grandmothewr.
Stupid Bloody Fucking Arm!

It's gotten lazu... which is Dylanese for "lazy"... yes... it's gotten lazu with castey the special castey supporting it... and once castey the special castey left... i.e. got cut off by Doctor Cooky and Eccentric Man... it went "oh fuck, i have to work again" and then my hand (which kept working all the way through) was all "duh dumbarse, what did you think was gonna happen?" which offended my arm, because no arm likes having its nose rubbed in it! And now my arm and my hand aren't talking and it'll be weeks before we can get the boys back together again. The overall impact ofthis is that I strained the muscle in my arm a bit, and now it hurts like a mother fucker, and I don't like it.

On a positive note, there were lots of interesting youngling newlings at work... all 14 - 16, and mostly terrified of us oldling worklings. Twas kind of lol. Lol theres one really queeny guy, which makes me heavily amused.


Koo Koo Ka Choo Egglings, Koo Koo Ka Choo!

Gather 'round children, for I have much knowledge' to impart.

It has come to my most august attention that I have reached what I like to call the 'Fuuuuck-ing Hellll I need a haircut' stage of my hair's haircut cycle.

How do I know this?
At work today, no less than ten old ladies told me how beautiful my lovely curly hair is, with about four of them going on to speak of perming and even one old bat asking me the secret of keeping it so curly.

Actually... that was a pretty entertaining conversation:

Old Bat: Oh I just looove your curly hair! 
*checkout beep*
Me: Errr... thanks?
*checkout beep*
Old Bat: How do you keep it so thick and curly?
*checkout beep*
*checkout beep*
Me: Ummm... genetics... and not enought time to comb it?

Hmmmm... what else... what else?
Oh yes, Mum nearly had a panic attack when I went BY MYSELF to pick Dad up from work today... she actually made me promise to call her once I got there.

But yes Meegasm and her beau are over tonight so I shall bid you adieu.

Thus... ADIEU.


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( Jul. 26th, 2008 08:50 am)
'Yay' I'm off to work, to spend seven and a half hours bagging groceries, serving annoying customers, and being treated with cold disdain from my supervisor. Fun times.
Nah shouldn't be too bad, as long as I'm not on checkout 20 I should be fine 


In other notes, I am somewhat nervous about catching the bus to Nana's tonight, as I've never caught it, and thus don't really have any clear idea of when to actually get off... fun times to the max.


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