monsieur_djinn: (Nutshell)
( Oct. 5th, 2008 06:52 pm)
I just off the phone, and I have some happy news!
One of my friends is coming over from Sydney in a couple of weeks, and we shall laugh and dance, and be friendlike in a delighted manner!
I spose its really only exciting for me, but who gives a fuck really...
I spose Sweden will be all haughty about it, but that'll just make the situation more hilarious!

I've finished watching Firefly for a while and now I'm watching Gilmore Girls, because, well... August was mah bathing month. I'm also pretty happy with the Sea Eagles win over the Storm! The eviscerated them, 40 - 0, it was a fantastic slaughter to behold by all accounts, a bit bummed I missed it really... but oh well!

"We need to spread Bad word of mouth!"
"Like no portable water?
"Or Vermin?"
"Or no portable Vermin?"
"That'd confuse them"




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