Hey list

I'm sliiiightly bored at the moment
The type of bored which comes after spending a good chunk of the week with fun people that help you remember who you are...
So I'm watching Buffy by myself (welll... Jed's with me... but dogs dont really offer good conversation) and attempting to stay cool, because damn, summer's here with a vengence ne?

The other annoying thing is my bloody parents...

Rant Follows Here... )

Okay rant done... In other news... I officially love Buffy.

But you know... considering how much I love the rest of Joseph Hill "Joss" Whedon's stuff... hardly a suprise. Its kinda funny... because the reason I didnt watch it when I was little was because it was one of the three shows that Mum banned from the House... the other two being Sliders and the Simpsons.

Anyway... off to start on Season 2. Huzzah!

Oy Vey! Dog just nipped father... father smacked dog to ground, bit him back and snarled in his face until the dog wet himself in terror. Milo was spilt. Psychotic mother is shitty at both dad and I... because milo was spilt and dog peed.

Well done mother.

Well done indeed.


*degenerates into angry and resentful mutters*
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( Jan. 2nd, 2009 10:32 pm)
LOL best episode of Buffy I've seen so far.
Weird freaky science wizz guy (a.k.a Frankenstein) brings back brother who died in a rockclimbing accident(a.k.a Igor) from Dead.

But Oh Noes! Brother/Igor is lonely, because, y'know, ugly much, ergo he can't go out and get him some tail. So Frankenstein/Science Guy collects the body of three seventeen year old girls for Brother/Igor's dream girl. 

The catch, the head of Igorina is to be Cordelia-the-no-longer-so-bitchy-in-on-Buffy's-secret-cheerleader-girl-type-person... Strangely, she's not so impressed. Thus Buffy saves the day, and Igor dies, which, ya know... LOL. 


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