So. The doctor called today.

I won't be getting my cast off on Friday... but next Monday!


This means 3 Days of rostered work will be lost... AND I WONT BE ABLE TO HAVE A NORMALSHOWER ON FRIDAY!

I  think the biggest one for me is the lack of normal shower. I AM TIRED OF WEARING AN ARM COMDOM IN THE SHOWER!

Oh well... looks like my weekend will now be free.


If it's alright with you, I'll just cower here in abject Lolzores while my friends gently snore on my floor, kthnx?
The previous nights adventures have taught me some very important world lessons:
  1. I don't get hungover, no matter how much I drink
  2. I never have enough beds to accomodate people when I have a party
  3. Somone ALWAYS ends up sleeping on the spare room floor (It was Nicole at my birthday, Jane last night)
  4. Luke and Ruth BOTH STEAL THE FUCKING COVERS - which actually wasn't too bad for me, because I was in the middle
  5. The words: Flail, Pandajack, Jarlsburg and Hurdle are some of the most hilarious words when you're drunk
  6. Drinking the night before my mock driving test is a good way to settle my nerves
  7. Someone ALWAYS spills the wine, and throws up in the laundry sink.
  9. Amy, Hayden, Jane, Luke, Ruth and I make a pretty awesome team of intrepid Moose Drinkers.
Anyway, back to you Sparky.
Over and Out.


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